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The collective is a group of motivated passionate people that specialise in helping churches just like yours and people just like you mobilise to become all your community needs you to be.  Whether it is personal outreach, engaging your local school, mobilsing the business people in your world or setting up outreach programs we can help you.

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Drew Gormlie

About Drew

In ministry for 20 years and has always had a strong emphasis on reaching those outside the church, whether they be wandering and never been a part of a family of faith. His ability to assess the most effective way to engage with community no matter what the circumstances is spirit anointed and proven in the field.

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Scott Wellard

About Scott

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Hugh Marquis

About Hugh

Former owner of Network Neighbourhood and CEO of Transformational Leadership Australia

Hugh now continues to spend his time on helping transform businesses; consulting, delivering transformational leadership courses, international social enterprise projects and community transformation initiatives

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Eugene Wong

About Eugene

Eugene is a strategic advisor on community engagement and cultural impact. He equips leaders and organisations worldwide to boost their effectiveness in sustainable ways. Eugene believes that identity and relationships are the key issues driving society this decade. He addresses these with expertise drawn from wide-ranging experience in the church, corporate, welfare, government, arts and community sectors.